Located 35km from the hotel, Saint Emilion is amedieval village that features on UNESCO’s world heritage list.

This charming Aquitaine village has numerous beautiful historic site, genuine stone jewels secreted amid natural splendour in the heart of the Libourne area.

A little history

The city was created in the 8th century by a modest hermit named Emilion, who, seeking a place of retreat, moved to Ascumbas (the former name of Saint Emilion village)

He left his native region of Brittany to devote himself to prayer. Through his miracles and generosity his influence spread beyond the valley and disciples soon came to join him.

Emilion preached to the population and created a large village and an exceptional secluded complex.

Features on UNESCO's world heritage list

Enjoy a stroll in this picturesque medieval village in the heart of famous Bordeaux vineyards.

Renowned for the quality of its wines and the majesty of its architecture and monuments, Saint-Emilion bears testimony to a history that goes back to the 13th century and can be seen in its steep streets, houses, ramparts, churches, monasteries and more.

A veritable open-air museum

A number of treasures are to be found in Saint Emilion

During your holiday at the hotel, you absolutely have to discover the monuments that give Saint Emilon such distinctive beauty:

  • The archbishops’ palace
  • The church of the convent of the Dominicans and Saint Martin de Mazerat
  • The gate and ramparts at La Cadène
  • The Gothic house on Rue Guadet, the Malet lodging and the catacombs
  • Trinity chapel
  • The monolithic church or the underground part of the village

All of these remnants of the past are worth dwelling on and marvelling at for a moment…