Discover our Carte’s Menu of our HC Restaurant

Embark on a meal with a thousand flavors by discovering our dishes

To start

  • Beef- Just snacked and served rare, Truffled Bread Muffin and Grated Dried Foie Gras, A few sprigs of watercress and short Porto juice  27€
  • Foie Gras – Semi-cooked with « Belem » Pepper and Cranberry Juice reduction Hazelnut Crumble and Persimmon marinated in « Amaretto »  26€ *
  • Cepe Mushroom – Creamy Soup, Butternut Melting with Lime Zest, Grapes marinated with Lillet and Chestnut Chest, Red Onion pickles  24€ *
  • Normandy N°2 Oysters from Saint Vaast By 6 : 20€ By 9 : 30€ By 12 : 40€

* The entries included in The Set Menu

To follow

  • Scallops – Roasted, « Jimboura » Blood sausage from Pays Basque and green Apple preserved Chicory salad with Sherry Vinegar and Grilled Onion  29€ *
  • King Prawns – In open Ravioli of Celeriac, flavoured with Mushrooms and Seaweed, Citrus Fruits Emulsion  36
  • Loin of Veal – Slowly cooked with Sage, Cepe Mushrooms, Heliantis preserved and « Kalamata » Olives  34€
  • Duckling – Roasted with Coriander seeds, Parsnip and Coco Fine Mousse, Baby carrots and Grapefruit with Tarragon  29€ *

Our Beef comes from Argentina, the Veal from France

* The main dishes included in The Set Menu

To finish

  • Cheese platter 14€
  • Le Corossole & Sudachi: Corossole in Light Mousse with Combawa and Fresh Litchi, Sudachi in Creamy and Sorbet, Soft cookie and Coconut Meringue 14€ *
  • Wild Chocolat : Chocolate Bolivia in Texture scented with Mandarin and Saffron, Creamy and Mandarin Sauce Saffron From Iznagen 16€
  • Pear, Chestnut and Buckwheat : Pear poached and confit in Lapsang Souchong Tea, Chestnut Cream, Crispy and Frozen Buckwheat 12€ *
  • Beetroot, Hibiscus and Grapefruit : Beetroot cooked in Hibiscus, candided, Timut Pepper Lace Biscuits and Vinegar Mousse, Grapefruit and Pinot Noir Sorbet 12€

* The desserts included in The Set Menu