Alexandre Gouge offers you a Menu of the Day devised to reflect the season, a Set Menu with a selection of à la carte dishes and a Surprise Taster Menu to give your taste bud secret thrills.
Our HC restaurant is open on public holidays and offers specially concocted menus for the occasion: Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, festive periods, Christmas Eve and New year’s Eve, and more.

The Seasonal Menu

Served a lunch time from Tuesday to Saturday

Starter + Main Dish or Man Dish + Dessert, €19

Starter + Main Dish + Dessert, €23

(Displayed on an easel on the table)

The Set Menu

You choose one of the dishes marked with an asterisks on our Menu

The difference is that the portion with be smaller

Starter + Main Dish or Main Dish + Dessert, €37

Starter + Main Dish + Dessert, €45

The Surprise Taster Menu

Composed by the Chef with the goal of enchanting you with the Best Flavours of the Season.
Let yourself be guided by our Sommelier, Sébastien Riché, to pursue the adventure to the end.

Starter, Fish, Meat and Dessert, €60

Matching meal and wines, 4 taster servings, €28

  • + Foie Gras €10
  • + Cheese €10
  • Matching meal and wines, 6 taster servings, €42

Preferably served for the whole table, up to 9.30pm